Wednesday, July 1, 2009

jury is still out...

so after we got the results from the adhd testing counselor, i immediately called my pediatrician's office. i have spoken with him in the past about jacob's behavior. he has given me suggestions. they haven't worked. so he is aware that there are issues.

i tried to make an appointment, but the nurse wanted to wait for the results to come in and she stated, "we really don't like to give meds to someone so young." i thought to myself...neither do i.

so i called back the next week. spoke with a different nurse and told her that the results were on their way, do i need to make an appointment? she said that she would just have doctor call me when they received the results.

he called me just after 6 that night (which was 2 nights ago). he said, "i have jacob's test results right here in front of me." then hesitation.

i said, "what do i do now?"

we made an appointment to see him in a little over a week to sit down and talk to him about medications. i told him i've done a ton of research online and that so far i've only found straterra to not contain a stimulant. he advised me that there are so many drugs on the market, there are others.

i asked what he typically starts children out on. he said we need to weigh all our options, but he likes to use Focalin. i thanked him for the information, wished him a good vacation the following week and told him that i'd be doing even more research before our appointment.

so...on to research. want to know the first thing i read that concerns me (not the ONLY thing...the FIRST thing)? it said "not recommended for children under the age of 6."

now what? most of them say that??????!!!!!!

so yesterday i spoke with a friend of mine, who is also a psychologist and she informed me that sometimes that more geared toward weight (i guess how tylenol and motrin is, too). so as long as he's of normal weight, then it should be fine.

but he's not. he's always been on the skinny side. he's FINALLY gotten an appetite after 5 years. so, that's just another worry.

so my list of questions lengthen. i'll let you know what my questions are when they are done (probably not until the night before our appointment).

i don't want my child "labeled". i HATE that. i taught PSR at school this last year and there was a child who was ADHD, bipolar and another thing. i hated that i knew that about him. i also haven't liked that he reminded me so much of jacob. many times i looked at him and said, "jacob, i need you to sit in your seat." only to remember, that wasn't his name.

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