Wednesday, July 1, 2009

in the beginning...

God created the heaven and the earth.
genesis 1:1
this is where all struggles began, isn't it? if there was not life, there'd be no struggles. so i thank you God for my struggles. for life is not without matter who you are.

my son can quote that and many other verbatim. as much as he didn't like his most recent preschool...he learned a lot. he seemed to be a good student. his teacher really seemed to like him.

i had to have surgery at the end of september. we had a new baby (about 6 months before). he already had a baby brother. my surgery was going to be a major recovery. no holding anyone for 6-10 weeks.

so when the behavior was even worse than it normally was, i blamed it on that. it was a major change in his life.

here we are nearly 10 months later and it has not gotten better. if anything, it's getting worse.

i have "charted"
i have bribed
i have read many books
i have looked up information online
i have talked to the pediatrician
i have read magazine article after magazine article
i have talked with friends
i have talked with a friend who is a psychologist
i have taken him to see a counselor

nothing is any better. nothing is working. no discipline is working...nothing. so what now?

i have taken him for ADHD testing, and other "disorders" testing. he came back with ADHD severe, severe implusivity and attention problems (among other more "minor" things).

what now? where do i go?
well...that's what this blog is about. our struggles with what is to come.
i know i'm not alone. there have been millions before me, and there will be millions after me. i'm am not alone. i just keep telling myself that.

then how come it feels like i am?

welcome to our world. this blog is only going to be about my one son, jacob. he is 5 and will begin kindergarden this fall.

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  1. I just got our diagnosis for my five year old daughter a few days ago, and we begin Focalin XR tomorrow morning. I will be posting about my journey as well, and maybe we will learn from each other.