Saturday, April 3, 2010

long time...

so it's been a real long time that i've posted. it's been a crazy journey in our house since september. i am in awe of how well penny does on her blog...i can't even keep up my family's blog. so i don't really have an excuse.

the school year is going okay. other than jacob hating school. he's bored. he knows it all. and i mean that quite literally. so it's really rough on him. and of course getting a child with severe ADHD up and at'm in the morning is near impossible.

we have adjusted his medications 3 times since my last post. we started on a low dose of focalin, increased that does to 2x per day, went to stronger focalin XR 1x a day, then to 2x a day (with no interference of sleep), then stronger focalin we are on vyvanse 20mg. he's doing well on this. not his best, but he is doing well.

i get concerned sometimes because he can seem so sad at times, but he'll tell me nothing's wrong. he still has his violent streak, his growling at his brother for even looking at him the wrong way. but he doesn't act like that to anyone else that might bother him....just his brother (and sometimes sister). so this i chalk up to a sibling issue.

we went to the zoo yesterday. HUGE mistake. it was busier than the busiest day i've ever been. and i added on another 6 year old with us. i had 2 jacob's with me, and my jack and jordyn. luckily we met another mom from kindergarten class and it was alot easier on me. hard part was keeping track of all the kids. my jack kept running away and jordyn insisted on climbing in and out of the stroller herself...while jack was running away. the 3 5/6 year-olds were being boys...running, chasing, hitting each other with maps, picking up sticks. i did feel a lot better when i saw the other boy give his mom a hard time and have some MAJOR attitude with her. makes me feel normal. not that i like it...but at least i felt not alone for a brief minute!

i really just wanted to poke my head in here and quickly update. i'm exhausted from all the running around yesterday, and things i had to do today. tomorrow is Easter Sunday and i'm anxious to get it all done and over with already. i start back to school on Monday, to become a firefighter, so it's going to be a really rough 11 weeks around here.

happy easter everyone! be safe! love Jesus!